Take The Pain Out Of Your Investor Marketing

If you find that, even though you’re constantly trying to attract more investors, what’s being done isn’t working, it’s time to change what you’re doing.

Things have changed.

The advent of digital technologies has changed practically every aspect of investor marketing operations. 

Companies are finding that what worked for decades is simply no longer effective and those without dedicated digital investor marketing strategies suffer from a lack of liquidity, limited access to capital and falling valuations.

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Ticker Media Blog

Ticker Media Group has a special ability to tell a story.  We have used their services with great success, and they are a part of future plans for communicating with investors.

Michael Neuman

CEO , Jumping Jax, Inc.

“Mark is a social media guru, he knows how to keep people engaged with interesting, useful and fun content. He has helped us grow our brand awareness and bring us an amazing amount of new business. His help has been invaluable to our business.” 

Derek DeYoung

DeYoung Studios

Mark has increased our ability to not only think about our social media targeting strategy, but also execute on it. In a matter of weeks we were accomplishing our goal of connecting with the right people, and beginning dialogue with them to support our business and our brand. Many of these contacts are still close customers of ours even a year or two later, proving they are the “right” customer for our business.

Jordan Ross

CEO, JP Ross

I just wanted to let you guys know the corporate explainer video you did for us was great. You boiled pages and pages of information into a short, fun, and easy to understand video. Who would have thought vertical integration would be so easy to explain. Perfect.  

Marc Fogossa

CEO, Brazil Minerals, Inc.